Month: April 2020

Passing the Creek Along to a New Generation

In about 1962 or ’63 I was given a gift that lasts a lifetime. I was introduced to a certain creek in western Tarrant County with clear running water rippling over white limestone and gathering in shaded pools. In deeper, still water the sunfish… Continue Reading “Passing the Creek Along to a New Generation”

Finding a Box Turtle

(I wrote this in The Great Rattlesnake Highway blog, several years ago. I thought it was worth bringing over here before I finally retire the other blog.) In May of the year 2000, Steve Campbell and I found a box turtle on our way… Continue Reading “Finding a Box Turtle”

The Western (or “Texas”) Ratsnake

Many years ago I was contacted to go to my son’s day care, which had some land and kept a few animals around a small barn. They said that a big snake had been eating the duck eggs, and the culprit had been spotted… Continue Reading “The Western (or “Texas”) Ratsnake”