Month: March 2020

The Racer and the Jump to Light Speed

This article originally appeared in The Great Rattlesnake Highway blog. There was once a time when I could chase down an Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer. Well, if it was on a flat surface … maybe if I had a head start. Probably not now, unless… Continue Reading “The Racer and the Jump to Light Speed”

Benefits of Nature: Notes from One Study

This is another blog entry that is “off the beaten path,” but I’m looking at some of the studies on benefits of time spent in nature (as well as mindfulness), and you are welcome to come along for the ride. Mayer, F.S., Frantz, C.M.,… Continue Reading “Benefits of Nature: Notes from One Study”

The Cloud Castles of Heaven, Seen From the Texas Plains

Or, in Plain English, a Visit to Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge Last month, Meghan Cassidy, Paul Mendoza and I visited the Muleshoe National Wildlife Refuge for two days, a brief trip in search of open skies, prairie, and Sandhill Cranes. It was part of… Continue Reading “The Cloud Castles of Heaven, Seen From the Texas Plains”