Identifying Venomous Snakes

Here are some links to information I have written on several topics (just click the link to open the pdf document).

1. Identifying Venomous Snakes – Texas has several kinds of venomous snakes, and I’ve put together a free pdf guide to the ones found in north central Texas.

2. North Texas’ Venomous Snakes – How to prevent unwanted encounters as well as how to safely observe and photograph these snakes. Their venoms and first aid for snake bite are also covered. (This was initially published as a two-part article in The Post Oak, newsletter of Arlington Conservation Council).

2. Reptiles – An introduction to what reptiles are and how they work, with some Texas examples.

3. Amphibians – Introducing amphibians, how they are different from reptiles and some examples from Texas.

4. Hibernation – Some information about the various ways reptiles and amphibians get through Texas winters.