October, 2022

October 8 – Greenwood Festival, in Greenwood, Texas – Kayla and Michael will have a table at the festival to talk about the LBJ National Grasslands. We’ll have a snake or two and some materials about that part of north Texas’ Cross Timbers and prairies.

October 4 – Elm Fork Master Naturalist training – Reptiles and Amphibians (2.25 hour class in Corinth, TX)

September, 2022

September 11 – 9:00-11:00am. Walk at LBJ National Grasslands (see the event in the “LBJ Grasslands Project” Facebook group for more information).

September 10 – Cross Timbers Master Naturalist field trip – herps and their habitats (at Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge)

September 6 – Cross Timbers Master Naturalist training – Reptiles and Amphibians (three-hour class at Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge)

August, 2022

August 15: “Mindfulness and Other Ways to Be in Texas Nature” A Zoom only meeting of the Cross Timbers Master Naturalists. This presentation looks at some of the ways we can be in nature, such as studying it, searching for beauty, practicing mindfulness in it, and journaling. We will review some of the research describing the benefits of spending time in nature and describe the practice of mindfulness in nature. We will discuss welcoming others, especially children, into prairies, woods, and creeks. Lots of examples, stories, and photos will help us accomplish this.

July, 2022

July 21, 9:30-10:30am. River Legacy Nature Center, Arlington, TX. A presentation about reptiles for kids in the “Hands on Herpetology” class.

July 20. A presentation for enrolled kids at Oliver Nature Park, Mansfield, TX.

July 14, 9:30-10:30am. River Legacy Nature Center, Arlington, TX. A presentation about reptiles for kids in the “Hands on Herpetology” class.

July 11, 1:00-2:00pm. TR Hoover Community Development Center, Dallas, TX. A presentation about native snakes and safety, for kids participating in summer camp.

March, 2022

March 15, 7:00-8:00pm. Friends of Sheri Capehart Nature Preserve meeting: Don’t Fear the Creeper – I talked about how fears of such things as spiders and snakes can get started and how we can decrease fears of things in nature, drawing on my career as a Psychological Associate to give some answers. That includes what’s called “exposure therapy,” a way of confronting what we fear in a safe context so that the fear decreases. 

Here are the kinds of things I ordinarily do:

  1. Mindfulness-based walks in nature
  2. Presentations to groups using PowerPoint to show lots of photos of ecoregions as well as reptiles and amphibians in Texas. Programs include: Mindfulness & Other Ways to be in Texas Nature; Ten Best Places in Texas to See Reptiles (And Lots of Other Things); The Amphibians of Early Spring; Venomous Snakes of North Texas; Field Herpers: Partners in Conservation.
  3. Interpretive walks with natural history information, in conjunction with organizations such as the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge or Friends of Southwest Nature Preserve. These typically focus on the lives of reptiles and amphibians (herps), with additional discussion of the habitat and the community of plants and animals in which herps live.