Friends of Southwest Nature Preserve, April 20, 2021

This is a program via Zoom, with photos and stories of the frogs and toads, turtles, lizards and snakes found at the preserve and in the surrounding area. Get answers to questions like, “where can you find them” and “are they harmful or helpful?” I will include some information about venomous snakes, even though they have not been seen at the preserve. Visit the Friends of SW Nature Preserve calendar page to get the link (coming soon).

Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge, April 29, 2021

I’ll lead a mindfulness walk at the refuge at 11:00am. Register through the nature center’s website – Join us in a small group as we practice mindfulness in the woods and prairies. Mindfulness is a way of attending to our present experience, letting go of distractions and welcoming what we see, hear, smell, and touch. By being quiet and “tuned in,” we may notice more of what is around us.

Here are the kinds of things I ordinarily do:

  1. Presentations to groups using PowerPoint to show lots of photos of ecoregions as well as reptiles and amphibians in Texas. Programs include: Ten Best Places in Texas to See Reptiles (And Lots of Other Things); The Amphibians of Early Spring; Venomous Snakes of North Texas; Field Herpers: Partners in Conservation.
  2. Mindfulness-based walks in nature .
  3. Interpretive walks with natural history information, in conjunction with organizations such as the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge or Friends of Southwest Nature Preserve. These typically focus on the lives of reptiles and amphibians (herps), with additional discussion of the habitat and the community of plants and animals in which herps live.
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