I usually do lots of presentations and walks or field trips, but right now the pandemic has made that unworkable. Hopefully it will soon be possible to get together without an unacceptable risk of spreading the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, but until then I don’t have any events or presentations to list!

Here are the kinds of things I ordinarily do:

  1. Presentations to groups using PowerPoint to show lots of photos of ecoregions as well as reptiles and amphibians in Texas. Programs include: Ten Best Places in Texas to See Reptiles (And Lots of Other Things); The Amphibians of Early Spring; Venomous Snakes of North Texas; Field Herpers: Partners in Conservation.
  2. Mindfulness-based walks in nature (see information at the website for my services as a Licensed Psychological Associate).
  3. Interpretive walks with natural history information, in conjunction with organizations such as the Fort Worth Nature Center & Refuge or Friends of Southwest Nature Preserve. These typically focus on the lives of reptiles and amphibians (herps), with additional discussion of the habitat and the community of plants and animals in which herps live.
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